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Are you feeling sad? Are you broken? Do you feel like you are carrying a heavy burden? Come see us at Turning Point Psychiatry & Wellness, and we can help get you to your TURNING POINT.

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Dr. Innocent Omale has a dual board certification as a Family NP and Psychiatric Mental Health Practitioner with years of clinical experience in treating psychiatric disorders. Some of his practice specialties include depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, schizophrenia, substance abuse and Men's health. Services includes medication management, and counseling based on Christian faith (transpersonal psychiatry). We also do supportive therapy. The vision of Turning Point Psychiatry & Wellness is to heal the sick, and restore HOPE, JOY and Peace of mind and heart, to the hopeless, helpless, broken hearted and the oppressed.

Meet the CEO & Founder: Meet the Team
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